Consumerism by Mujeeb Patla

It sounds odd at the same time routine, how badly we became addicted to consumerism. We call ourselves independent, yet very much chained to ready made goods.

As my roommate used to say, have we started producing anything on our backyard to criticize retail shops and supermarkets? May be the answer is, we can, but we are too lazy (we call it as smartness however) to do anything on that.

He started yelling, “Go! Purchase chicken, biriyaani must be cooked in an hour time!!!”

Yes, he is right, even if, I start a small farming in my backyard, too quick to get a chicken out of nowhere. I ran to nearest supermarket and delicious biriyaani ready in an hour! All we could do is a nice debate on consumerism and blame on others laziness on their backyard farming. We must be safe from all blaming!

Consumerism must be dead! Even we dead then?


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